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1 a small flat rectangular piece of glass on which specimens can be mounted for microscopic study [syn: microscope slide]
2 (geology) the descent of a large mass of earth or rocks or snow etc.
3 (music) rapid sliding up or down the musical scale; "the violinist was indulgent with his swoops and slides" [syn: swoop]
4 plaything consisting of a sloping chute down which children can slide
5 the act of moving smoothly along a surface while remaining in contact with it; "his slide didn't stop until the bottom of the hill"; "the children lined up for a coast down the snowy slope" [syn: glide, coast]
6 a transparency mounted in a frame; viewed with a slide projector [syn: lantern slide]
7 sloping channel through which things can descend [syn: chute, slideway, sloping trough]


1 move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner; "the wheels skidded against the sidewalk" [syn: skid, slip, slue, slew]
2 to pass or move unobtrusively or smoothly; "They slid through the wicket in the big gate" [syn: slither]
3 move smoothly along a surface; "He slid the money over to the other gambler" [also: slidden, slid]

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  • /slaɪd/
  • Rhymes with: -aɪd




  1. To cause to move in continuous contact with a surface
    He slid the boat across the grass.
  2. To move in continuous contact with a surface.
    The safe slid slowly.
  3. To move on a low friction surface.
    The car slid on the ice.
  4. intransitive baseball To drop down and skid into a base.
    Jones slid into second.
  5. To lose one’s balance on a slippery surface.
    He slid while going around the corner.
  6. To let pass without action.
    ''The administrator let the minor infraction slide with only a disapproving look.


to cause to move in contact with a surface
  • Dutch: slepen, schuiven
  • Finnish: liu'uttaa, työntää, vetää
  • French: glisser
  • German: gleiten
  • Icelandic: renna
  • Japanese: 滑る; qualifier engineering 慴動させる
  • Spanish: deslizar
to move in continuous contact with a surface
  • Arabic:
  • Chinese: (huá)
  • Dutch: glijden
  • Finnish: liukua
  • French: glisser
  • German: gleiten
  • Hungarian: csúsz
  • Italian: scivolare
  • Japanese: 滑る; qualifier engineering 慴動する
  • Korean: 미끄러지다 (miggeureojida)
  • Portuguese: deslizar
  • Russian: скользить (skol’zít’)
  • Slovene: drseti
  • Spanish: resbalar
  • Swedish: glida
to move with low friction
  • Dutch: glijden
  • Finnish: liukua, luisua
  • French: glisser
  • German: rutschen
  • Italian: scivolare
  • Japanese: 滑る
  • Slovene: drseti
in baseball
  • Finnish: syöksyä
to lose balance
to let pass


  1. A toy for children where they climb up and then slide, glide down again.
    The long, red slide was great fun for the kids.
  2. The event of large amounts of rubble, earth and stones moving down the slope of a hill or from a mountain.
    The slide closed the highway.
  3. A lever that can be moved in two directions.
  4. A valve that works by sliding such as in a trombone.
  5. A transparent image, to be projected to a screen.
  6. The act of droping down and skidding into a base


rubble, earth and stones moving down
  • Dutch: schuif
  • Finnish: vipu
valve in eg. a trombone
transparent image for projecting
in baseball
  • Finnish: syöksy
  • Japanese: スライディング
from noun

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Slide could be related to any of these.


Photography and Optics

  • Microscope slide - a thin glass sheet used to hold objects for examination.
  • Photographic slide or transparency - a thin translucent photograph bound in paper, plastic or similar frame and often used for projection with use of a slide projector for a slideshow.
  • A slide edit - a video editing term for moving a clip around in a timeline.
  • Slide (website) - a website that offers groups the ability to discover, share, and talk about photos together.




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Photostat, Telephoto, Wirephoto, Xerox, Xerox copy, advance, aerial photograph, aerophone, alabaster, avalanche, be effortless, be painless, bell, billiard table, black-and-white photograph, blowup, blueprint, bolt-hole, bowling alley, bowling green, candid photograph, cheesecake, chronophotograph, coast, coasting, color photograph, color print, contact printing, continue, crawl, creep, cyanotype, decline, decrease, diapositive, die, dip, double reed, downslide, downswing, downtrend, downturn, drift, drop, drop off, ebb, ejection seat, elapse, embouchure, emergency exit, endure, enlargement, escape hatch, expire, fade, fail, fall, fall away, fall off, falloff, fire escape, flat, flit, flow, flow on, flowing, fly, forget, give no trouble, glass, glide, gliding, glissade, glissando, gloss over, glossy, go by, go down, go downhill, go easily, go like clockwork, go off, go on, heliochrome, heliograph, hit a slump, hit rock bottom, hit the skids, hologram, horn, ice, ice-skate, ignore, inflatable slide, ivory, key, landslide, landslip, lantern slide, lapse, last, let slide, level, life buoy, life net, life raft, lifeboat, lifeline, lip, lurk, mahogany, marble, matte, microcopy, microprint, montage, mouse, mouthpiece, move, mug, mug shot, neglect, pass, pass by, pass over, photo, photobiography, photochronograph, photocopy, photograph, photogravure, photomap, photomicrograph, photomontage, photomural, photostatic copy, picture, pinup, pipe, plane, portrait, positive, present no difficulties, press on, print, proceed, projection printing, reach the depths, reed, roll, roll on, roller-skate, run, run down, run its course, run on, run out, run smoothly, sag, sail, sailing, sally port, satin, semi-matte, shift, shirk, shot, sideslip, silk, sink, skate, skateboard, skating, ski, skid, skiing, skim, skulk, sled, sledding, sleigh, slick, slidder, slide down, sliding, slink, slip, slippage, slipping, slither, slithering, slump, slur, smooth, snake, snap, snapshot, snowslide, snowslip, spill, steal, still, still photograph, stream, subside, subsidence, sweep, sweeping, telephotograph, tennis court, toboggan, tobogganing, tooter, touch bottom, transparency, tumble, valve, velvet, wane, wind, wind instrument, work well
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